Thursday, May 19, 2011

Still Fighting my Inner Demons of Laziness

Stressed out, I think that is what I am.  Can't seem to focus on anything. I hope that this will pass once DH gets at least one or two pay cheques in the bank, and we are not cutting it so close.  I ate a whole freaking blueberry pie last night. Talk about emotional eating.  I knew I should have not bought the pie, but I lied to myself saying I would cut it into pieces and use it for treats HA.  
I must say I did get in the recommend amount of water yesterday, now I feel rather bloated (I am sure the pie might have something to do with this as well). SO
Today is a new day
Stick to the meal plan
Some form of exercise, before starting the invitations and a birthday card tonight.

Wish me luck

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quiltluvr said...

I laughed when I read about your blueberry pie episode. That is so me! Many times I reason with myself that if I make something really yummy I will cut it up into portions and freeze it. Ha! I did that once but I can't trust myself to do that.

Hope by now you are on track with your eating. Hang in there. It's not easy to change old habits but it is possible!