Friday, May 6, 2011

Day 2

Again no exercise, but did eat much better.  Hubby is going out of town for a couple of days.  Tonight I have no excuse not to get in some exercises.  I did mention I AM LAZY.  I WILL do this!
I wonder why it is so hard to motivate myself for exercise, I feel so good after I get into a routine.  I liked it so much better when the treadmill was up stair, not down in the dark damp basement.  At least then I would get on it to walk while watching TV. I can still do that only have to do it down stairs.

Today I will not put off what I can do today til tomorrow (that means exercise)

Still working on the menu, it is getting there. Does anyone want me to post the menu?


How the Garden Grows said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I am so bad about getting moving! But, once I get on schedule it's the best feeling ever! Is there any way you can bring the treadmill back upstairs?

Rebecca said...

No sadly we had beautiful cherry wood floors put in and I am afraid even with the matt it would hurt my floors.