Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hahahahaha What else is there to say

I have no excuses, no lies, nothing.

I am where I am because I CAN'T say no to sweets and CAN'T say yes to exercise.

I have tried a few things since the last post.

The fermentation while I kept it up was sort of working, no weight loss but felt better.  The keeping up with all the ferments was too much and I got overwhelmed.

I have tried to start them up again, but so far have either forgotten them or not patience enough for the taste to come back.

I am working on eating 3 good meals a day, but the sugar addiction kicks in .....

I have thought about doing a sugar detox but the planning that would go into that is overwhelming for me.  I have a hard enough time to plan the day's meal.

I have been trying to get into planning and prepping a week at a time.  I did well last January for about a month, then got distracted.

You know if I had a cook, housekeeper and a trainer like those celebrities, I would be healthier, but it is up to me and although I talk a good game, I am terrible with the follow through.

Just some thoughts and well not much else.