Tuesday, May 10, 2011

oops, didn't post on Saturday

well, still no exercise, slept in and then worked on the wedding invitations.  I had to make a trip to the scrapbook store. then I cut and scored cards all night

Tuesday: things went a little haywire on the weekend, along with an emergency vet visit for MacLeod.  He fell off the bed and injured his front right leg.  He is on pain killers at the moment and I am hoping recovering.  His enzymes were a bit elevated and at his age that can mean many things, so no anti inflammatory meds.  Then for Mother's Day supper, my Mom, sister, her son, my son and her son's inlaws went for dinner at Swiss Chalet.
Monday I was able to walk at lunch and then print off more pieces of the wedding invitations.  I had a card class in the evening.
Just got back from a short walk at lunch. Will do a drop in tag class after work, then head home to get more pieces of the wedding invitations done.  Time is running out Yikes!  Planning to get to longer walks as the weather stays nice. If I can start sleeping better, I might try to get up earlier and do a work out before heading off to work.
Thanks for the comments on my post, they really do help

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