Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Chapter

I am starting this blog for myself, but feel free to follow me and send me encouragement.
I am almost 51 and starting to feel my age. Actually older than I am. I have for a number of years trying but not really trying to get fit and eat healthier. Today I am going to start over again.  I thought maybe if I try to blog about it daily it would help. Here is the To Do List

Eat Clean -  The Eat Clean Diet

Work out daily use either The Biggest Loser for Xbox or something else for the Wii ( if I can get it set up)
  I also own dozens of dvd, so I have no excuse

Track my food with a food journal.  I will likely use the one at, unless I can figure something else out to help with the making of my own meals with the clean eating guidelines.

I own apps, DVD and "games" I have no excuse, except I am lazy, organizational challenged and get depressed easily.

If you happen on this blog PLEASE let me a comment of encouragement, tell me your story, join me and let's make this happen.  I have a deadline for losing about 15lbs, but the real goal is to be healthy for the rest of my life.


Gina said...

You know I will always encourage you! Your to-do list could be mine - LOL!

Rebecca said...

Thanks Gina can always use the encouragement :)