Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Summary - not what I wanted

Well 2011 didn't quite go as planned with getting into shape and losing weight. 2012 will be better, one can hope.   I am hoping to start again January 1.  I will post my weight (yikes!) I am going to begin using the Clean Eating Magazine 14 day menus just easy for planning will sub out food I don't like for food I do. I was hoping to have a gym at work starting in January but it has been postponed until September So it is up to me to get at exercising once I get home.
Not sure how many of you are following me any more on here but I welcome you to join me.
My goal for January is to lose 4lbs
walk 1 mile everyday
strength train 3 times a week
Eat clean follow - the plan

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